MarnieeD It’s Not All Roses
Not everything in life goes the way you want it to.
Global Game Taming Beasts to Survive: I Can See the Prompts
Taming Beasts to Survive: I Can See the Prompts Synopsis Seven billion humans living on the Earth time-traveled together after they had woken up one morning. The
灰原 悠 Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them
A very ordinary high school student, Shinra Minato, had his life changed, completely during the spring break of his first year of high school. He got into the same class as one of his few friends, called “Prince” by female students, as well as his childhood friend who had extreme popularity among the male students. He attracted unusual attention from the girl, sitting next to his seat, called the “Ice Queen”. He got forced by the highest ranked and immensely popular, student council pres
RageBanana The World Never Enough
Dino genius multi-billionaire who has Ph.D on Mechanical Engineering when he was 12. He has obsession on Fantasy game, novel, and anime. Twenty year ago small company who creating his old favorite game gone bankrupt, then he spent some of his pocket money to funding that company out of his concern. Surprisingly the game that company creating called "The Last Fantasy" on a verge of bankruptcy got...
Jaxonsgirl Pregnant By The Mafia Boss\'s Son
A waitress finds herself falling in love with a Russian mafia 's son and she finds herself pregnant with his child.